bluechinalamp (bluechinalamp) wrote in vampirekissez99,

Vampire Kisses 7 coming out this May!!

I don't know about anyone else but I am beyond excited!

I was starting to feel bummed after reading her 6th book, thinking this was the end since Mrs. Ellen didn't have a chapter spoiler in Royal Blood like she usually does. Then I got even more bummed after the 3rd manga, thinking no more Vampire Kisses until tonight I went on Mrs. Ellen's webpage and saw the cover for the 7th book!

I'm so stoked! Vampire Kisses is alive and well! I'm going to draw fan art to celebrate!
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I feel slow im only on the forth one!
It's fine. XD You'll catch up! There's a lovely twist in the 5th book. I won't say what it is but I freaked when I finished it!



May 2 2010, 22:16:55 UTC 7 years ago

Where can you read ALL of the vampire kisses? I read it on mangafox and it only has 1 chapter! D:
I really wanted to read the whole book of it!
I wouldn't really recommend reading it online. I just buy the books and the manga.

You can go to a local bookstore and library and read it there. (There's only three of the manga and six of the book.) In my bookstores they have a sitting area where you can read. Not sure if they do that in other places though.



July 3 2010, 20:35:58 UTC 7 years ago

It would be realy nice if you wrote a link.


September 28 2010, 20:38:15 UTC 7 years ago

i know i love the series can't wait for the seventh