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Newbie post

Well now, this community seems a little bit less active than it should be. Such a good series should have more fans! Ah well, I suppose they'll all catch on eventually. Hehe.

Anywho, intro time. And forgive me- like some of my fellow authors, I can't write anything short-winded.

My name is Chrysty, also and more commonly known as Cat.
I'm an avid vampire-lover, of course, or else I would wonder why I'm a fan of these books, hm? I'm also a die-hard Twilight fan. Twilight is the first book of a series by Stephenie Meyer that, like Vampire Kisses defeats the cliche vampire storyline and places it in a modern day setting in the middle of someone else's average life.
I've been on a search for quite some time now, looking for other books that were similar to Twilight. The other day I was walking through Borders, as I do quite often, and Vampire Kisses caught my eye. I read the back and immediately fell in love with the story line.
I didn't get around to cracking the book over till about four in the afternoon today yesterday, because I was in the middle of rereading Peeps by Scott Westerfeld (which is, of course, another fantastic vampire book).

I was hooked. It's now nearly seven in the morning and I just finished Vampire Kisses. It sucked me in to the point of no return and I knew I couldn't sleep until I finished it. I completely adore Alexander. Tomorrow I'll be heading back to Borders to see if they have the next book for me. If they don't then I think I might weep. Well....maybe not, but you know...

Also, I know that in communities such as these there can be people looking for more good book recommendations. If you enjoyed Vampire Kisses, you may appreciate these as well...

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer
New Moon - Stephenie Meyer
Blood and Chocolate - Annette Curtis Klause
Peeps - Scott Westerfeld
The Last Days - Scott Westerfeld

Also on my list of books I have yet to read, but haven't reviewed yet are...
Night Rising - Chris Marie Green
Over The Moon - Angela Knight
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